Fond pro nestátní neziskové organizace

NGO Fund

Programme the Fund for Non-Governmental Organizations should become one of the significant tools providing funding to NGO activities in the Czech environment in the upcoming years (2014-2016), thus contributing not only to resolution of current problems, but as well to capacity building and empowerment of NGOs.

Program Operator: The Civil Society Development Foundation (hereinafter NROS) and the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation (hereinafter Nadace Partnerství or NaP) in their joint consortium

Total Allocation: 205,060,852 CZK

Period of Implementation: 2013–2017

Number of Calls: 2


The Aim of the Programme

The aim of the Programme NNO is to strengthen civil society development in the defined priority areas, to promote the development of bilateral relationships between the Czech Republic and donor states, to strengthen the capacity of NGOs, to develop their professionalization, to mitigate regional disparities in the work of NGOs in the Czech Republic and to enhance its contribution to democracy, sustainable development and social justice.

Specific Goals are as Follows:

To strengthen the protection human rights, combat discrimination and racism, to strengthen multicultural environment in the Czech Republic; to empower women and provide for increasing women’s participation in decision-making, to support prevention and follow-up services for women endangered by violence; to strengthen the role and impact of the NGO sector in the society.  

To increase the share of family care for children and youth at the expense of institutional care.

To increase the number of Roma children and youth integrated in the education mainstream.

To contribute to forming a responsible approach of the public towards the environment, and to maintain or expand legislative and watchdog activities of NGOs in respect of sustainable development, protection of interests of minorities, participation of the public in decision-making and watchdog role in the environmental area.

To contribute to stabilizing or expanding NGO activities; to create opportunities for NGO involvement in public affairs, and to strengthen the role of NGOs as drivers of the civil society.

To promote bilateral relations between NGOs from the Donor States (Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) and Czech NGOs.

Programme has Defined the Following Priority Areas of Support:

I.        Human Rights and Key Areas of Support

     a.       Protection of Human Rights and Multiculturalism

     b.     Gender Equality

     c.      Strengthening Civil Society, Democracy Mechanisms  and Transparency

II.      Children and Youth at Risk

III.    Social Inclusion

IV.   Environmental Protection and Climatic Change

Bilateral Relationships

The development of bilateral relations is one of the key aspects of the programme implementation. The aim of the bilateral relations is to strengthen the direct exchange of experience and know-how, to share and transfer experience and best practice between Czech NGOs and entities in the donor states (Island, Lichtenstein, and Norway). For this purpose, the Fund for Bilateral Relations (FBR) at programme level was created.



Second Continuous Call for Mea...

2.2.2016 | The 2nd Continuous Call for submission of Measure B proposals under the Fund for Bilateral Relations at the programme level has been closed...

Results of the 2nd Continuous ...

2.2.2016 | The Fund for Bilateral Relations at Programme Level supported additional 6 Measure B projects.

Results of the 2nd Call for Pr...

4.5.2015 | The Czech NGO Fund supported 139 projects of the Czech NGOs in a total value of 115 827 410 CZK / 4 370 845 EUR under the 2nd Call for...

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Norsko, foto: Helena Benýšková

Norsko, foto: Helena Benýšková

Norsko, foto: Helena Benýšková

Norsko, foto: Helena Benýšková

Photo: NGO Block Grant archive

Photo: NGO Block Grant archive

Photo: The NGO Block Grant archive

Photo: The NGO Block Grant archive