Fond pro nestátní neziskové organizace

Fund for Bilateral Relations

The purpose of bilateral relations programmes is to strengthen direct exchange of experience and know-how, sharing and transfer of experience and good practices between Czech NGOs and entities in the Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

Czech NGOs interested in development of bilateral cooperation shall apply for funds for their activities from the Fund for Bilateral Relations on Programme Level.

Total funding available for projects under the Fund for Bilateral Relations on programme level is 3,700,000 CZK (149,194 EUR).

The FBR funds shall be used to find partners in the Donor States, to exchange experience and good practice, to prepare and implement joint projects and to develop partnership cooperation in the supported areas.

The applicants interested in development of cooperation shall apply for funding through two forms of support:

1.Microgrants for searching for partners and development of bilateral projects


2. Additional grants as an additional source of funding for facilitating bilateral partnerships between Czech NGOs which received a grant for thematic project and entities from Donor States and used for networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and promotion of best practices, including conferences and study tours


ad1. Microprojects

The aim of microprojects  is to support searching for partner organizations in the donor states (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), to develop partnership and to prepare joint proposals within the NGO Fund throughout the NGO Fund implementation. The following shall be in particular supported – travel cost enabling establishment of high-quality, functional and long-term relations dependent on the parties involved getting to know each other, and personal contact and efficient agreement on future cooperation.

·         Total allocation: 1,500,000 CZK(60,484 EUR)

·         Maximal microgrant:70,000 CZK (2 823 EUR)

·         Microprojects duration: from 1 (minimum) to 4 months (maximum)

·         Administartion supported by: Nadace Partnerství

·         No co-financing is required for microprojects.


ad2. The Additional Grant

The Additional Grant shall provide additional financial resources to supported projects, in addition to the grant received, in order to implement Project with Bilateral Relations Components (hereinafter Project BRC). The following shall be in particular supported –

  • study and business trips as part of the partnership between Czech NGOs and organizations in Donor States,
  • short-term internships in Donor States’ organizations or the other way round – transfer of good practices,
  • workshops and seminars focusing on a specific topic in the Programme priority with a foreign partner’s participation,
  • networking of organizations – supporting mutual cooperation of NGOs receiving aid within the given priority – gaining knowhow in the given field, joint resolution of a problem in the respective area.

Total allocation: 2,200,000 CZK

Projects BRC  duration: the minimal duration of BRC implementation is one month and maximum duration corresponds to the overall project duration.

Maximal Additional Grant required to finance Project  BRC shall not exceed 15 % of the grant received required to finance the project.

Administartion supported by: NROS and Nadace Partnerství (according to the Programme priority)

No co-financing is required for Project BRC.



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Norsko, foto: Helena Benýšková

Norsko, foto: Helena Benýšková

Norsko, foto: Helena Benýšková

Norsko, foto: Helena Benýšková

Photo: NGO Block Grant archive

Photo: NGO Block Grant archive

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Photo: The NGO Block Grant archive